Social Media Strategy

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a social media strategy?

You need a social media strategy because life gets busy and without a plan, the first thing that gets forgotten is your social media. Because marketing is a long-term activity that bears fruit over the medium-to-long term, rather than straight away, you need to have a strategic way of going about it. And that strategy will keep you on track, keep you consistent, and most of all, keep you focused on building your business. Not just working in it.

I've seen an ad for a social posting calendar for less. What's the difference between that and what you are doing?

The social media calendars being sold by people on Facebook ads are, firstly, designed primarily for American businesses (because let’s face it, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July aren’t really a thing here…) Yet even when you do find an Aussie one, all they’re providing you with is a one-size-fits-all calendar of holidays, special days (like Red Nose Day or International Banana Bread Day) and very broad and general instructions like, “Tell us what you’re doing for Melbourne Cup Day!”

Our strategy isn’t copied and pasted in to a calendar and emailed to you. We have a meeting with you first (in person if we can, or via phone or Zoom) to see what you’re able to do. No use giving you 7 days of posting every week if you can only really handle 2 or 3. We also take time to learn about your audience. Are they Australian? Queenslanders? Tasmanians? Are they NOR or SOR (hey there Perth people!) or maybe they are of a specific religion, voting pattern or followers of specific sports or lifestyles?

Once we have all that information, we design your strategy based around YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE. Not some American template that we repurposed and pasted in to.


We are certified Facebook Blueprint Planners and Planning Professionals for a reason. We are trained for this, and have proven that we can do it. We’re not just some wannabe influencer with big hair and even bigger teeth who wants to work from home via email.

Is it important to put different posts on different social media networks?

Yes it is. Different networks have a different profile of person who uses it. Facebook users prefer posts that place your produch in the context of their lives. Instagram users love the dream of a better life with nicer things. Twitter users like conversation. And LinkedIn users like to be informed and educated.

Our “Diversify!” package includes different posts crafted separately for each network you’ve chosen, which will best suit those businesses who want to go the extra mile to really appeal-to and engage with their potential customers.

Who have you done social media work for before?

Our experience with social media management is extensive. From real estate agents to automotive companies, hospitality venues and hotels to cafes. We work with industry groups like the Real Estate Institute and the Australian Industry & Defence Network, through to large tourism bodies like Tourism Top End.

As at Novmeber 2019, we have around 40 ongoing clients we’re working with in various parts of Australia, and are working with as many as 30 other clients on a short term contract basis when it comes to social media.

And let’s not forget that we are accredited Facebook & Instagram trainers and Certified Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Associates. No other agency in Australasia is a credentialled in social media as we are.