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domainnamesTypical. You go looking for the name of your business online as a domain name. And it's already taken. Sigh. You could fight them via the relevant authorities, but that could take a long time. Or you could get creative.

website trafficSince 1998 when Google first unleashed its algorithm on to an unsuspecting and fledgling internet, and industry has been building up around it. At first that industry was build around optimising your website for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Later, as Google moved in to a Return On Investmnet mode for it's original backers, it built what would later become the most powerful and well-used ad platform the planet has ever seen. And another industry started to take shape. The SEM or Search Engine Marketing industry. And you can be guaranted that when a new industry pops up, the snake oil salesmen start moving in.

media thumbA Darwin-based media organisation has an upcoming refresh to it's sales packages and needed a few things to happen as part of the relaunch. And not all of them have to do with anything digital at all! This was a unique challenge for Clickstarter, but we're not one to shy away from a challenge!

expert thumbI remember the first time someone called me an "expert." It was a little strange to hear it. After all, wasn't I just some average middle-management guy with a bad salary who worked too many hours?