Let people know who you are where they spend most time. From $200 +GST per month for 3 months.

Facebook Ad example

On Facebook, like life, you get what you pay for.

There is no trick to advertising on Facebook.

Your spend

It comes down to your spend. The more you spend, the further your ads will reach and the more chance you have of getting a sale.

Your targeting

You have to know who your best possible customer on Facebook is, and then target them precisely every time you book an ad.

Find out how we get more out of advertising on Facebook.

What we do

Just because Facebook advertising is relatively new in the world of marketing doesn't mean that it's really any different to other forms of advertising.


Is it the right fit?

First decide whether your potential customers are even on Facebook. If you are aiming at Under 25s you may find they're elsewhere.


Timing is everything

When are you posting? When your audience is asleep? When they're commuting? Or when they're out and about?


What are you saying?

Are you saying something in the ad that your audience is interested in? Or are you just pushing product and hoping for the best?


Custom ads for customers

Are you pushing just one ad out to the herd? Or are specifically targeting ad styles to very targeted groups and their tastes?

Advertise effectively on Facebook from $200 per month for 3 months.