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Customer WiFi… with Benefits

If you don’t have free WiFi for your customers, you’re not only giving up a chance to delight them, but also the chance to collect the details and stay in touch with them after their visit.

And it couldn’t be easier to use! Plug it in, turn it on and follow the directions to have your customers enjoying free WiFi with enhanced security and marketing capabilities for you in just minutes!

Bundle your Hello.WiFi with other Clickstarter products to qualify for 5%, 10%… even up to 20% off your Clickstarter monthly charges.

How Hello.WiFi works.


Just plug & play

Preconfigured hardware so no technical knowledge required

Your branding

Customisable screens to display your messaging and brand

Social Media Sign-on

Sign on with Facebook, Twitter and more with no passwords to forget

Unlimited Access

No user access restrictions (hardware limitations may apply)

Dashboard & Analytics

Live reporting and analytics via a simple to use dashboard

Export your data

Full visitor statistics including names, emails, birthdays and more


Automated marketing to ensure you keep in touch with your customers


All data is securely held across our world-wide data network

Customer Support

Plain English jargon-free support when you need it

What are the benefits to my business?

TripAdvisor Reviews

Get more TripAdvisor reviews by baking reviews in to your WiFi sign on.

Facebook Recommends

Make Facebook Recommendations part of your sign-on process

Get Twitter Followers

Or maybe you want more Twitter followers? Make them part of sign-on


Prices are quoted in Australian dollars inclusive of GST on a per month basis. Minimum term is 12 months.

Enquire… or order your Hello.WiFi today.

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