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Media in Darwin

Every media sales rep in Darwin is going to walk in with a similar strategy. And that is to sell you the features and benefits of their product, and, if pushed, talk down the features and benefits of their competitors. It's what they are trained to do. So we've prepared this report on the local media landscape so you go in ready when they come knocking at your door.


We all have bad days. You know, days when you just don't want to work. They're the kind of days where you wish you had an automated version of you to do stuff for you. Like a robot. When it comes to your social media, you're in luck.

The Small Business SEO Scam

If you're a new, small business and you're putting your feelers out for what to do in the way of a website and getting found on Google, get ready to be scammed. SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is an acronym that is designed to baffle you with tech-talk and confuse you in to wasting tens of thousands of dollars.

I'm Sorry

As an employee under the direction of other employees who were under the direction of other employees, you do things that rub up against your principles and end up in places that you never thought you would. And whilst most of my career thus-far has been amazing, there have been some less-than-stellar moments.

Beware the at-home Mum on Social Media

I'll tread as carefully as possible here, as I'm likely to bring down the wrath of Mummy-dom on myself. However, I really have to warn you about the dangers of handing over your Facebook page to a work-from-home Mum who suddenly has started to pitch herself as a Social Media professional.

Ending corporate-talk

There is a power to leveraging resources in order to maximise deliverables to key consumers in a way that engages, adds-value and inspires brand loyalty. That is an actual post from LinkedIn that I copied and pasted here. For real.