Get leads who are looking for you right now for $250 +GST per month

We've been using Google AdWords since 2002.

Leave the marketing stuff to us

We've been writing ads on Google since 2002. So we know a thing or about what words, what targets and what bids to make on clicks.

Fixed Cost per month

Your fixed cost each month is your fixed cost each month. No hidden extras, no bill shock. Just what you agreed to pay.

3 month minimum term

We've found that your results increase dramatically with at least a 3 month run at each advertising campaign on Google.


$250 +GST per month per package


Why not do it yourself?



Like we said earlier, we've been working with Google AdWords since 2002. We know our way around.

Copy that works

We've also been copywriting for the web, Google, Facebook, radio and television since 1998. Yep. One of us is old. ;)

Your time costs money

What's your hourly pay-rate? How long does it take you to book ads on Google. The answer is: more than what it costs us.

We do this everyday

When you do something everyday, you get really good and really fast at it. We have team members that just do this. They rock.

Minimum Spend Guarantee

Did you know that Google requires that agencies like ours have to spend at least 50% of what they charge for Google AdWords services in actual ad-spend. This is so businesses like yours don't get ripped off. We exceed this by guaranteeing to spend at least 75% of your monthly spend directly on ads in Google AdWords. So relax... we've got your back :)


What you need to know

We like to be up-front about what you're buying so there's no fine print to worry about. Read on!

Minimum Agreement Period

We require a minimum period of 3 months on every Google AdWords agreement. This is because we want your campaigns to work. And they work best with maximum reach, frequency and a solid repetition to the market.

Minimum Cost

The minimum cost of each package is $750 +GST ($825 total) over 3 months. if you choose to take more than one pack, then multiple this amount by the number of packages you agree to take up.


$250 +GST per month per package