About Clickstarter

Be Honest. Be Fair. And in everything, Share.

dantestjames speakerStarting way back in 1995, our founder, Dante St James build his first website using raw HTML, and then a couple of years later, Netscape Composer and Coffee Cup HTML Editor. Fast forward to 2017 and the world wide web is all about Content Management Systems, self-building tools and social media.

It's the ability to pivot when things change and follow the right technology paths that has defined the career of Dante and his Clickstarter partners.

Where some of us have worked in traditional media, advertising, retail or even recent-arrivals like web development, we've all realised that the world changes and that we must change with it. Like the mice in the business fable, Dr Spencer Johnson's Who Moved My Cheese? Some of us build entire ecosystems and lives around temporary structures like industry, routine and technology only to find that one day, all the cheese is gone and we're left behind by the winds of change.

Clickstarter, formerly all about web design, is now all about what is needed most by our clients this year.

In 2015 that was web sites and Facebook pages. In 2016, it's was content management and writing engaging and inspiring written, photographic and video posts. In 2017, we have pivoted yet again.

In 2017, Clickstarter is all about

  1. Landing pages - because the web is not where small business is doing business anymore
  2. Social Media Strategy - because reputation is everything and you need a plan to ensure that you are engaging with your customers
  3. Marketing Automation & Sales Funnels - because you need more than one way for customers to buy from you
  4. Business Networking - connecting small and micro business to each other in a mutually beneficial way
  5. Digital Marketing - not just ads. The ad-world is saturated. Business needs customer enagagement that measurably converts to sales
  6. Educate everyone you meet - we do free workshops and training to business so they can do it themselves.
  7. Market Research - there is so much data to be found in your local area. And we know where to find it.

Our over-riding principle in what we do is to Be Honest, Be Fair, and in everything, share.

That means that we tell our clients the truth. No tricks or spin-talk.
We act fairly by not charging ridiculous amounts for our services. And when cost estimates run high, we make sure that we have a very valid reason for it.

And in everything, we share our knowledge free to anyone who attends our free workshops or downloads our free reports.

The world of technology changes fast. We'll make sure we're on top of it so that you can get on with running your business.

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